Never Too Old to Lift eBook

8 Steps to Create, Adapt and Progress Your Own Strength Training Program

·       Have you thought about starting strengthening exercises but don’t know where to start?

·       Have you tried to do exercise programs that you found online, just to find they didn’t work for you?

What if you could learn everything you needed to know to create an exercise program around your individual goals and current ability level.

Imagine confidently stepping into the weights area of your gym with a clear plan, not worrying what anyone else is thinking of you.

Not only that but you’ll start notice some of the following tasks feeling easier:

·      Looking after your energetic grandchildren for the day.

·      Tending to your beautiful garden.

·      Being more competitive at your sport again.

·      Keeping up with others on group/family walks.

The Never Too Old to Lift eBook

Never Too Old to Lift will guide you through an 8 step process that will guide you through the process of creating, adapting and progressing your own strength training program. 

After reading this eBook, you will never need to blindly follow a generic exercise list again.

Some of the other area that are covered include:

·       Keep yourself motivated by identifying goals that you will use to build your training program around.

·       Choose exercise variations that will directly benefit the activities that you already do on a day to day basis.

·       Find out how to make the exercises that you currently find difficult more manageable. You will always be able to find a point that you can start from for each exercise.

·       Learn to document your workouts so that you can monitor your progress with ease.


Hear from two of my clients, from my work as a physiotherapist, on the benefits that they’ve noticed from starting strength training.

"Last year I had to pay someone to trim my hedges because I found it so tiring. This year, after having started strength training, I was able to trim the hedges on my own without even needing to take a break." Jill, Aged 69.

“A couple of falls in the last two years kept me out of the garden but strength training this year has seen me catching up on neglected tasks. If you feel insecure doing physical tasks, start training - not only will the tasks get done but you will feel much better for it.”

Philip, Aged 77.


Along with the eBook you will also receive an extended version of a goal planner and workout template which will help you to create and document your workouts.

The content within the eBook will guide you through completing the planner.  This can be either filled out and saved on your computer or can be printed and done with pen and paper.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I have written this eBook because I am passionate about inspiring as many people as I can to start strength training. I want you to experience the many positive benefits that occur once a regular routine has been established (these benefits are discussed within the eBook).

I am confident that the theory covered and the 8 step process will make the prospect of lifting weights less scary.

If, after reading this eBook, you do not feel confident to start then it means I have not explained things clearly enough for you. In this case I am more than happy to offer you a full refund (within 30 days of your purchase).

I will do this with no questions asked. However, I would appreciate any feedback that you have. I am also happy to answer any questions that you have in order to help get you started.

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